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The River Walk Says THANK YOU!


It's hard to acknowledge the many acts of support in our community, or appreciate enough

 the sense of personal pride and ownership of OUR RIVER WALK by so many individuals

 and entities.  With that said, here's a sampling of some of the more recent "thanks" via

excerpts from the River Walk Project Manager:




•Bob Crisp, who noticed "The Fisherman's Loop" trail being graveled, offered and paid for

  the last load of gravel the project needed to finish the job.   Mark Kephart helped out with the

  Bobcat loaner for this work and discounted other parts of the project requirements.



•The River Walk is always looking for reliable volunteers to take responsibility for parts

  of the trails routine maintenance.

Sherry Carter, Mark Graham and others adopted the bluebird houses

  to care for on the trail which involves their installation, monitoring, and taking care of things

  like installing a baffle when a snake was discovered to be getting the eggs out of one!



•We didn't and don't always get the names of people on the trail, but a special thanks

 to those who make it their business to bring a trash bag and help keep it

 clean and litter free.  Many do!



•Pam Strawn and Nancy Troxler organized "Earth Week" walks on the trail for 8 classes

  from the Murphy Elementary and Learning Center Charter schools.   Tony Ward from the Hiwassee

 River Watershed Coalition led the students along the River Walk, who learned how to be good stewards

  of our natural resources and and take good care of "their trail."



•Recently group of approximately 15 from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

did another community work day on the trail, their second on the River Walk. They are known as

 one of the hardest working groups on the trail, and their work spreading mulch, weeding,

  removing privet and multi-flora rose was so appreciated.



• College students from Bowling Green State University spent a day removing privet and multi-flora

  rose from along the trail, the students being sponsored by the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition-

 they use their "Spring Break" to do community work, and over the years this "alternate Spring Break"

 has provided some good long hard work days on the River Walk.


Donations/Contributions to the River Walk are tax deductible via Heritage Partners' 501(c)(3)

 non-profit, all volunteer organization.





•The Cherokee County Tourism Development Authority granted $3,000 for the completion

 of the new River Walk Performance Pavilion.  A $5,000 grant previously obtained by The Cherokee

  County Arts Council also went toward that project. The rest of the project costs were covered by

 private donations and contributions to the River Walk.



•The Dub and Murray Martin Foundation for Cherokee and Clay Counties has granted $3,000 for

 the River Walk Native Landscape Enhancement project.  The value of ALL donated native trees and

 plant material involved by Johnny and Pam Strawn, Hanging Dog Valley Nursery, along with

 private donations and contributions to the River Walk, provided the grant match and balance of additional

 funds required for this project.





•Lisa Warner Makris, the daughter of the late Margaret & Ben Warner, and her husband Tony Makris,

have donated a generous $5,000 to the River Walk in memory of Margaret Warner.  WOW.



•Debra & Dave Vanderlaan of the Celebrate Life Gallery created and paid for

  the publication of the 2016 River Walk Calendar, in cooperation with  Jon & Tammy Fleisher of

 Digital Creations USA. The calendar features 12 of Debra's original, stunning photographs of the River Walk.

Linda Ray of The Curiosity Shop Bookstore is carrying the calendars for sale at $12 each-

 and all $12 goes to the River Walk.  Thanks to all who have, and will, buy  the calendars! We hope to

 sell out this limited edition of 500, which would raise $6,000 for the River Walk. WOW.



• Jeremiah Smith of Doyle's Cedar Hill Restaurant sponsored a music festival celebrating the River Walk

 called "There's Something In The Water. . ." Jeremiah put together a wonderful slide show of

 the River Walk for the evening's guests- it was a packed house on Doyle's porch.  Over $600 was

 contributed to the River Walk by guests that evening. Great!



•Sarah Tennyson, who works out of the Macon Co. Health Department in Franklin, made $1,200 available for a

 new kiosk being built at the trail entrance by the Cherokee County Health Department.  Sara Wilson of the

 Cherokee Co. Health Department wrote up the benefits of trail walking that will be featured on the kiosk,

 along with a new updated map of the trail system.



Thanks ALL.




Heritage Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your contributions to its good works for the community

 are tax deductible. All projects, publications and events are made possible by private contributions and matching grants.

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